Service Learning Program 2013 AJCU-AP Ateneo de Naga University

Half of our time, half of our lives

What would you do if half of your time was free to do anything?
What kind of world will we live in if we used half of our time for something far greater?
Teachers instructing a poor student half of their time
Builders constructing a house for the homeless half of their time
Laborers working for the jobless half of their time
If one thinks for the poor half of her time
If one loves the poor half of his time
If my life or yours was for the poor half of our time
If only 3 billion people on Earth was concerned with other 3 billion
How can the many be concerned with those who have less?
How can the majority listen and love the minority?
How can the religious help the faithless?
How would you give half of your time for others…
When your time has been yours since the beginning…
When your time has been set by society for you…
How would you share time if you could give half of it?

K. Llorin (Jogja 08/25/12)

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