International Charity Concert 2016

Held in the Driyarkara Auditorium of Sanata Dharma University, the International Charity Concert 2016 was successfully conducted. This concert was one of the highlighted events that were part of the celebration of the 61th Dies Natalis of Sanata Dharma University. In conducting the concert, the participation of the audiences in watching the concert was also required. Fortunately, the enthusiasm of the audience was quite obvious, and was proven by the number watching the performance reaching almost six hundred people.

Held on November 19th, 2016, this International Charity Concert was a collaboration project between three universities; they were Sanata Dharma University, Elizabeth University of Music, and Indonesia Institute of Art. There were a number of performances in the concert. As the opening performance, Cantus Firmus, the students’ choir formed by and consisting of the students of Sanata Dharma University sung five songs and they successfully made the atmosphere of the International Charity Concert 2016. Then, after enjoying the choir performance, it was the time for the students from Elisabeth University of Music Japan to perform. The representatives of Elisabeth University of Music were piano major student Shiori Nakashima, vocal major student De Guzman Cipriano Jr. Mercado, and marimba major student Maho Ishida. In total, they performed ten songs. Lastly, as the closing performance, the students’ symphony of the Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta, the Studsy Band conducted by Budhi Ngurah played five instrumental songs.

This International Charity Concert was aimed to help the students who have financial limitation to support their study in Sanata Dharma University. It was managed by Lembaga Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa or Student Welfare Unit. The host of this International Charity Concert, Sanata Dharma University, also hopes that the first charity concert will provide valuable experiences for each of us to better develop a similar program that may attract more people and agencies to collaborate with Sanata Dharma University. (Titis)

Sogang University Voluntary Program

The cooperation between Sogang University in South Korea and Sanata Dharma University especially in terms of holding voluntary service in Indonesia keeps on developing. After appointing seven volunteers to Indonesia on January 2017,for a second time this year, Sogang University had in total 15 students came from several major as volunteers in August.

Their activities in Indonesia were similar to student who volunteer this beginning of the year. Summer Voluntary Program was started with a short orientation regarding to the program and the schedule from the Head of International Office, Yurisdixta Menavia, S.S, and continued with a short speech by Rector of Sanata Dharma University, Johanes Eka Priyatma, M.Sc., Ph.D. The students from Sogang were accompanied by the Head of Sogang’s Campus Ministry, Fr. Ahn Se Jin and Br. Yang Seung Hwan. The orientation followed with a city tour around Yogyakarta including Keraton Yogyakarta, Taman Sari Water Castle and finally the students shopped in malioboro at the end of city tour.

What makes this period different from the last was the result. Their program was extended more than a week in compare to the last program started on July 9 to July28 with the immersion time was ten days in Grogol Tourism Village. During the immersion, they were asked to raise sensitive issues concerning the life in Grogol. They also participated earthenware and traditional beverage making, bicycled around the village with the local people, then introduced to the short history of Grogol, and worked in team to clean up the outbound area. Besides, they were also allowed to enjoy the place with some traditional games.

The immersion followed with Korean Language Class in Language Center. Beside teaching the students from Indonesia about Korean language, arts, and culture, they were split into several groups mingled with Indonesian for the cooking class as well. The cooking section was also filled with several games to win the additional ingredients for their food. Furthermore, the students were given the chance to join the bird conservatory and coffee brewing in Sanata Dharma Environmental Study Center and helped the volunteers in Sanggar Anak Studio Biru to take care of children there. (grg)