Communication Advising Committee meet up

The Communication Advising Committee contributes to making IAJU communications more effective, global and rooted in the universal mission of this network and its priorities. The tasks of the CAC are:

  1. Offer advice to the IAJU communications team at a strategic and operational level.
  2. Facilitate for IAJU a more fluid communication and connection with the higher education institutions in each region and with the primary and secondary education apostolate.
  3. Support IAJU communication growth (community) and content initiatives.
  4. Identify and foster connections and collaborations among regions.
  5. Share information and best practices among committee members.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the CAC held meetings to collaborate different project in online mode using different communication platforms. They met for the first time during the IAJU 2022 Assemble in Boston. They represent the regional associations member of IAJU. The AJCU-AP is represented by Ouda Teda Ena.

CAC Team with Rev. Christie SJ (Photo by Ouda)

Please visit the link to learn more:

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