AJCU-AP online Round Table Discussion for Faculty Members

The round table discussion for faculty members is designed as a forum where faculty members from member institutions of AJCU-AP could share the idea of post-pandemic university. Faculty members are expected to share and inspire each other in this difficult time. Journeying with our students to create a hope-filled future is a challenging calling. This program provides avenue to sharing struggles and imaginations to better serve our students.

  1. Objectives:
    a. To share struggles and efforts to grow during the pandemic.
    b. To share ideas and propose collaborations in the post pandemic era in AJCU-AP
    c. To share ideas on the reimagined future of higher education in AJCU-AP context.
  2. Participants: faculty members of AJCU-AP member institutions
  3. Each member institution is expected to assign at least one representative


Reimagining Higher Education: Post Covid classrooms and regional collaborations

Main Points to discuss

  • How did Covid-19 affect teaching and learning process in your institution?
  • How did Covid-19 affect regional and international collaborations?
  • How did your institution cope with the pandemic?
  • How would you reimagine the Post Covid classrooms and regional collaborations?

Important Dates

RegistrationJuly 2021 – February 2022 
DiscussionFriday, 18 March 2022
1.00 – 3.30 p.m (Jakarta Time)

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