Global Leadership Program 2018


August 12-18, 2018

Sogang University, South Korea


Online Community

The Global Leadership Program (GLP), as it did in the previous years, encourages participants among the five Universities to interact one anther via online community. It would help them know one another and provide an opportunity to discuss the seminar’s theme before the actual program.

Sogang University will create an online community through Facebook. Please ask your students and faculty chaperon to search for the group “GLP2018” on Facebook. We will also invite them to join after we receive the registration forms.

Preparatory Meetings

Students from each university are expected to meet several times to prepare a presentation about the theme “Who is my neighbor?: Migrants, Nation, and Culture,” including three subtopics — Migrant workers, Migrants’ family and children, Refugees and displaced. Each university will put into the current situation of their own country with some issues or events, and then present the outcome of their discussions during the plenary session on the first day of the seminar.


There will be two group presentations by university.

  1. August 13, 2018: The presentation per university is limited to 35 minutes. Please prepare PowerPoint slides to facilitate your presentation.

(1) 10 minutes: a brief introduction about your university.

(2) 25 minutes: a general overview of international migration issues in your country regarding the following aspects:

  1. who migrants are and why they migrate;
  2. how policy and culture affect migrants;
  3. how migration has changed the country and is anticipated to transform the country in 10 years;
  4. what your own university as a Catholic Jesuit university could do for migrants and for the future?

2. August 17, 2018: At the end of the program, each subtopic team will prepare a 30-minute presentation summarizing insights / recommendations, drawn from the program and the fieldworks of the GLP 2018.


As in the GLP 2017 in Sophia, the retreat and individual reflection segment is designed to underscore the importance of integrating personal reflection into students leadership development work as a means to harmonize personal values and leadership goals. All great leaders spend a considerable amount of time reflecting upon themselves, their world, and their ambitions as a way of maintaining balance and a sense of mission and purpose for their lives. A mini-one day retreat will attempt to provide an introduction to reflection practices each student can further pursue on their own and time to write a personal mission statement.


Fieldwork activities have been designed for the program. Sogang University will organize the transportation and arrange for group counselors to accompany the students in fieldwork sites. Background sessions regarding the sites will be given by the group counselors before students leave for the fieldwork sites.

Each university will be divided into three groups according to subtopics. In other words, the coordinators from the 5 universities will ask their students to choose a subtopic and ensure that there will be two students assigned to a subtopic. This will enable students from different countries to mix with other students.

August 15, 2017: Students will be pre-grouped according to the three subtopics.

Each of the three subgroups will follow a different itinerary. The group presentation on the fieldwork will be on August 10th.

– Subtopic 1: Migrant workers

– Subtopic 2: Migrants’ family and children

– Subtopic 3: Refugees and displaced


Two major inputs are to be delivered: firstly, on international migration in East Asia and, secondly, on leadership from a Christian humanist perspective as expressed in Catholic Jesuit spirituality.


As every year, we will arrange “Cultural Night” during this program. In addition to the four presentations, each university will prepare a performance that is related to their national/local culture. It can be traditional dance, folk songs, folk games, etc. The basic audio equipment will be provided. Kindly prepare 10-minute performance and have fun with us during the Welcome Dinner on August 13th.

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