My SLP Experience by Mary Joy Conquilla

“When it’s over, it’s over.” Well it’s not over for me yet. I still hear the voices for others vividly, as if they are just beside me talking. (no I’m not crazy) I miss those late night conversations, the hugs, the laughs, everything.

I was really worried at first if will I really join SLP or not, I mean 20 days? I am going to miss a lot of lessons within those 20 days. But people pushed and encouraged me, they told me that I will never get the experience (SLP experience) anywhere else so I did try it.

“Let the experience reveal itself.” What I experienced in SLP was nothing that I expected. I never thought that in my whole existence, I’ll be doing things like mixing cement, painting and cutting steel bars, putting cement on walls and those kinds of things for a family that I did not know well. I guess it’s the innate feeling in us to help those in need. The construction experience for me was THE BEST experience for me. I was like another person doing those heavy works just for the Casungcad Family, my desire for them to live comfortably. it was not easy though, my body was already complaining but my will was still so strong so I never gave up. the turn over day, I almost cried after Aling Corazon stated her last sentence. She said something about, “Ang Diyos na ang bahalang magbalik sa inyo sa magandang bagay na nagawa nyo para sa amin.” It was just then that I realized, WOW, I made someone a house. It was not about how much or how hard you worked, it is about you doing SOMETHING to finish the house for the family.

The immersion was another story. It was also my first time doing such thing and it was really memorable. We had the most lovable family in the whole world and I thank SLP because I was able to meet people like them in my life. they taught me how to family family in so many ways. Parting ways with them was so heartbreaking, but I promised to still communicate with them so I’m good with that.

SLP made me into a PERSON, a Person For others and With others. I thank everyone that shared this very significant phase in my life. I can never learn those things inside a classroom or by just reading it. SLP made me realize that we are all poor in different ways but we should not dwell and be sad about it. Instead, do something about it and maybe completely change it. “Love For The Poor”, SLP taught me how to love unconditionally and genuinely. THANK YOU, SLP.

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