A Call To Dialogue on the Sustainability of Life In the ASEAN Context

The conference on sustainability was first mooted in the 2013 JCAP Extended Consult by three JCAP Networks (Buddhism, Islam & JCIM). The initiative was a response to Goal 3 of JCAP’s Outline of an Apostolic Plan 2014-2019 which calls for collaboration in mission. A year later in the 2014 JCAP’s Extended Consult (Oct 23-24), seven Networks- Secretaries (Buddhism, Islam, JCIM, Social Apostolate-Migration & Reconciliation with Creation (RWC), AJCU and FORMATION) deliberated on organizing this Conference. Fr. Joel Tabora’s call to make this a JCAP Conference was accepted. At the 2014 JCAP Extended Conference, Fr. Cyril Veliath, SJ gave a copy of the proposal to Fr. Mark Raper, SJ. The JCAP Consultors deliberated on the proposal and on January 12, 2015, Fr. Eric Villandria (JCAP Socius) met Jojo Fung regarding the comments of the JCAP Consult. At the Oct 23-24, 2015 JCAP Extended Consult, Pedro shared the concept paper and received many invaluable insights. The latest addition of Basic Education to this collaborate effort makes this initiative a truly Jesuit-led conference of Asia Pacific region.
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