Service Learning Program 2009

20 Days of Service, 20 Days of Learning, 20 Days of Fun — The 2009 Service Learning Program have concluded last 23 August 2009 but memories of the  grand occasion still linger among the participants.

Under the theme Education for Constructive Dialogue, this year’s Service Learning Program was hosted by Sanata Dharma University last 3-23 August 2009. With 36 students and 15 faculty members from the various Jesuit Institutions in East Asia and Oceania, the program provided a dynamic synergy of learning, reflection and fun among SLP participants. <read full text>

Sogang University Welcomes New President

26 June 2009—Dr. Byungdoo Sohn completed his 4-year term as President of Sogang University. Taking up the office helm is Professor Jong-wook Lee, a renowned scholar of ancient Korean history and a Sogang Alumnus. Prof. Lee is also the 13th President of Sogang University.

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities extends its great gratitude to Dr. Sohn for his active involvement in the annual General Assemblies as well as in smaller collaborations and conferences. Dr. Sohn also served as Vice-Chair of the AJCU EAO since 2006.

The AJCU EAO also gives Sogang University’s new President, Professor Jong-wook Lee its warmest welcome!

Loyola University Chicago – Vietnam Office Now Operational to Foster Further the Ignatian Spirit of Excellence in Asia

19 March 2009—Loyola University Chicago (LUC)  officially began its business operation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Cardinal John Baptist Man of Saigon and Fr. Thomas Vu Quang Trung, SJ, Provincial Superior of Vietnam, were present during the blessing of the new office.

In partnership with the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, the Loyola office in Vietnam will focus on three important areas: 1.) English as a Second Language (ESL) Education for health-care professionals, 2.) Leadership Programs for Vietnamese professionals and administrators, and 3.) Study-abroad Programs for U.S. students. <read full text>

AJCU – East Asia Oceania SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAM “Education for Constructive Dialogue” August 3 – August 23, 2009

Unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources and the environment degrade the quality of life; it destroys cultures and sinks the poor in misery. ‘Education for Constructive Dialogue’ is imperative for the youths especially in a rich and multicultural country, like Indonesia yet lack of appreciation of nature and cultures.  The richness of both nature and culture within local and national context challenge the community to build a constructive dialogue. The classic understanding of ‘tolerance’ has been proved to be inadequate or was considered minimal in dealing with the growing social problem. Sanata Dharma University, in a mutual effort with the communities offers an opportunity for the students from every discipline to develop their conscience, commitment and compassion with those in need. It takes the participants to communities and institutions partnered by the academic institution in its pursuit to facilitate the student to construct their ability in promoting dialogue through working out a program or internship in specific social circumstances, villages or rural areas around the Campus. The goal of Education of Constructive Dialogue is to draw the student experiencing to be women and men for and with others.

The general framework of the exposure follows the core of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm including Context, Experience, Reflection, Action, and Evaluation cycle. The student will be first invited to establish proper perspective through a session that provides the context of the entire journey. It proceeds to the integration of actual community experience where conversation is facilitated and relationship is built. This stirs internal movements that will be the groundwork of the reflection where the individual contemplates and make lucid the disturbances that occur from their own experiences and experiences of others. The upshot of the reflection will then be taken as the initial thrust to create concrete action as a response to the gaps observed from the community experience. The action taken will then be reviewed and evaluated.

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AJCU-EAO Annual Meeting

January 16, 2009

To all the HEI Presidents of AJCU-EAO: 

Happy New Year!

We are still firming up the plans for our annual meeting this year.  But please block off August 25-26 for our meeting.  It will be in Sydney Australia.  Plan to arrive there by noon of the 25th;  we will begin our meeting formally in the evening.  The ASEACCU Meeting is on August 27.

Fr. Paul Locatelli, Secretary to Fr. General for Higher Education, has a survey-letter for all Presidents, which we are sending you in connection with the forthcoming Meeting of Presidents (plus companion) of Jesuit HEIs in Mexico in 2010.  The letter is self-explanatory.

Kindly respond soonest (long before Fr. Paul’s deadline of Feb 28th) so that we can collate the responses and send them in to Paul earliest.

Thank you.

Sincerely in Our Lord,
Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J

International Conference on Jesuit Higher Education

January 14, 2009

To: Presidents/Rectors of Jesuit higher
education institutions
Through president of regional associations

From: Paul Locatelli, Secretary for higher education
Re:International Conference on Jesuit Higher Education

As you likely know, we will have an international conference on Jesuit higher education with Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., Superior General.  I hope that you will attend.  Hence, please mark your calendar and respond to the some questions (below).  Send your responses to the president of your regional association as soon as possible but no later than February 28.  Thank you.

<read full letter>

Challenge to Synergy for Mission

Dear Presidents and Principals of the AJCU-EAO:

It was my pleasure to join a meeting of Consultors, Secretaries and Directors of Work of the JCEAO at Arrupe International Residence last Oct. 4-5, 2008.  Chaired by Fr. Mark Raper, President of the JCEAO, it was a opportunity to contribute to the JCEAO’s self understanding in a post-GC 35 era. The main output of this meeting was a formulation of “The Purpose and Goal of the JCEAO” as follows:

The purpose of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania (JCEAO) is to clarify, focus and ensure implementation for Asia and the Pacific of the universal mission of the Society.

<read full letter>

AJCU-EAO holds 2008 General Assembly in Indonesia

[ Picture Gallery in ]
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[ AJCU-EAO Minutes of the Meeting ]

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in East Asia and Oceania (AJCU-EAO) held its 2008 General Assembly last August 26-28, 2008 at the Grand Cikarang Hotel, Jababeka Raya, Cikarang Industrial Estate in Indonesia.

Members from the Philippines (ADNU, ADMU, ADZU, ADDU and Xavier), from Korea (Sogang University), from Japan (Sophia University) and of course the host schools from Indonesia (ATMI and Sanata Dharma University) came together for the annual meeting.  The President of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania (JCEAO), Fr. Mark Raper, S.J. was also present at the meeting. (List of Participants and Guests)

A Eucharistic Celebration marked the official start of the meeting, with Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, S.J. as celebrant.  This was followed by a welcome dinner at the ATMI Cikarang Campus.  Fr. Paul Wiryono Priyotamtama, S.J., President of Sanata Dharma, welcomed the participants and guests.  Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J., Chair of the AJCU-EAO and Fr. Mark Raper also addressed the participants and guests with welcome remarks.  The host schools, Sanata Dharma and ATMI, showed a movie clip showcasing their school programs and facilities.

The whole day of August 27th was devoted for the GC 35 discussions and the AJCU-EAO Business Meeting.  The meeting centered on the theme: “GC 35 and Higher Education”.  Fr. Benedictus Triatmoko, S.J., President of ATMI, was the main presenter of this topic.  He gave a PowerPoint Presentation on this and shared some of his personal insights and views on the General Congregation 35.  Comments and responses on the presentation were given by Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, S.J. of Xavier University, Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, S.J. of ADMU and Fr. Mark Raper, S.J of the JCEAO.

Presentations on the Student Mobility Program of Xavier University and Sanata Dharma University were given by Fr. Villarin, S.J. and Mr. P. Kuwandono, respectively.  Afterwards, members and representatives from the different AJCU-EAO member schools shared the developments, recent school activities and programs which were being undertaken by their respective schools in the context of the GC35.

A business meeting followed after the GC 35 discussions.  The following were the proposed and approved resolutions by the AJCU-EAO Board:

  • That the Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta, Indonesia, be admitted Higher Educational Endeavour Member of the AJCU-EAO as nominated by the Ateneo de Naga and Sanata Dharma University.
  • That the Loyola College of Culion, Philippines, be admitted as Higher Educational Institute member of AJCU-EAO as nominated by Sanata Dharma and Ateneo de Zamboanga.
  • That the Higher Education Group, Australia, be admitted as a Higher Educational Endeavour member of the AJCU-EAO as nominated by Ateneo de Manila, Ateneo de Davao and Xavier University.
  • That the Jesuits and Lay Partners in Campus Ministry – EAO, be admitted as a Higher Education Endeavour member of the AJCU-EAO as nominated by ATMI and Ateneo de Naga.
  • That the Loyola Center in Vietnam be admitted as a Higher Education Endeavour member of the AJCU-EAO as nominated by Ateneo de Naga and Sogang University.
  • That the next meeting of the AJCU-EAO be in Sydney, Australia, either before or after the next ASEACCU meeting.
  • That Fr. Tabora, S.J. as Chair of the AJCU-EAO be authorized to request the Higher Education Group of Australia to host the next AJCU-EAO meeting.
  • That the AJCU-EAO accept the mandate on GC35 on Intellectual Apostolate: “To Foster every possible form of collaboration and promote working in networks among persons, teams, centres and to choose strategically those institutions that can assure excellence in research.”
  • That the AJCU EAO encourages and seeks to support greater collaboration with others in service of the Society’s universal mission, e.g. through formation for both Jesuits and partners, e.g. through formation for both Jesuits and partners.

The Financial Report of 2007-2008 and the Budget for 2008-2009 were also approved by the Board.

A special point for discussion on the AJCU-EAO accepting the challenge of GC35 on Intellectual Apostolate was also taken.  The Board agreed to form an ad hoc Committee which will be responsible in finding the strengths of their member Institutions and will report as well as recommend to the Board the designation of AJCU-EAO member institutions to be Centers of Excellence.  The Centers of Excellence will focus on these research areas:  Environment, Migration, Culture and Religious dialogue.  The ad hoc committee members are Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, S.J. of Xavier University, Fr. Benedictus Triatmoko, S.J. of ATMI and Fr. Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J. of Sophia University.

By indicative voting, the AJCU-EAO board identified the following Tentative Research Areas for the respective member institutions:

Higher Educational Institution

Research Focus

ATMI Environment and Business Ethics
Sanata Dharma University Religious Dialogue (with special focus on renewable resources)
Sophia University Cultural and Religious Dialogue (with special focus on Natural Sciences, Engineering and Law)
Sogang University Environmental Issues and Energy Issues (with special focus on Alternative Energy Resources)
ADMU Migration and Family
Environmental Disaster Risk Management
ADNU Environmental Research and Conservation
Social Science Researches
ADDU Migration
Graft and Corruption
ADZU Peace and Health Issues
Xavier Sociology, Agriculture and Marine Coastal Resource Management

The board also decided to rotate the hosting of the Student Learning Programs (SLP) of their member institutions.  Next year’s host for the AJCU-EAO SLP will be Sanata Dharma University.

The AJCU-EAO meeting was concluded by a Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Fr. Antonio Moreno, S.J. of ADZU.  Afterwards a special dinner and Cultural Performance was given by Sanata Dharma and ATMI.  The participants and guests were treated to an array of traditional Indonesian dances and folk songs prepared by Sanata Dharma students and ATMI alumni.

A tour to the ATMI Cikarang Workshops was also experienced by the participants and guests before finally departing to Bandung for the ASEACCU meeting.

Next year’s AJCU-EAO meeting will be in Sydney, Australia.  Dates and venue will be announced as soon as confirmed.