Service Learning Program 2012 "One Earth Many Religions: Constructing Dialogue and Solidarity towards the Integrity of Creation"

August 5-25, 2012
Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta, Indonesia

SLP 2012Service Learning Program (SLP) is one of the many programs of the AJCU-AP which focuses on providing a place for Jesuit university students in their efforts in applying the Ignatian Pedagogy in their everyday life. It is in an approach to teaching in Higher Education that is consistent with the pedagogy of Jesuit education. It attempts to link the academic studies with the practical experience of community service. It is effectively facilitated through relevant partnership between higher educational institutions and various social institutions both in the private and public sectors. In this approach, community experience is purposively integrated in the scholastic formation of the students. It is considered as the center of their learning  and serves as an arena to do a share for development. In the end, it will bring about in the students a development that is geared towards a lifelong commitment to service and leadership.
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